Surprise! Two of Your Favorite 13 Reasons Why Actors Are Dating IRL

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While Alex Standall (played by Miles Heizer) is **SPOILER ALERT** in love with Alisha Boe‘s character, Jessica Davis, on 13 Reasons Why, the young actor is romancing a different co-star in real life. Well, at least that’s what people think. The 22-year-old actor has always been super close to fellow 13RW star Brandon Flynn (Justin Foley on the Netflix hit), but some ~intimate~ pictures seem to prove that they’re more than just friends.

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While neither Miles nor Brandon have commented on the dating rumors, fans are already pretty darn convinced and don’t need much more proof.

As far as we know, the former Parenthood actor has not publicly come out as queer, so this may be his way to address his sexuality for the first time.

NGL, we seriously HOPE Miles and Brandon are really dating IRL — how freakin’ cute are they together!?!?

It’s pretty common for actors to date their co-stars — here are all the Pretty Little Liars cast members who romanced a on-screen partner in the past::