Get to Know the New Cast Members of 13 Reasons Why, Season 2

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When a television adaptation of 13 Reasons Why was first announced, fans of the book by Jay Asher were skeptical about how it would translate on the small screen. The Netflix show turned out to be a huge hit, however, and quickly became one of the biggest phenomenons of recent years. People quickly started going crazy about the series and needed to know everything there was to know about the cast, production, etc. They also showed their dedication by creating some ~interesting~ products in support.

Ever since we watched the first episode, we were DESPERATE to know more about the lives of the Liberty High School students, and we weren’t the only ones. After months of the cast and celebs weighing in on whether the show would get a second season, it was finally confirmed that the story will continue next year. YAAAAAAAAAAAS!

When the next chapter of the hit premieres, we’ll get to learn more about everyone’s life after Hannah’s tragic death. Although there isn’t a set release date just yet, we do know that filming has started and that Netflix is planning to release the season in 2018. The waiting is going to be rough, to say the least, but, thankfully, we were recently given a little bit of insight on what to expect.

It was just announced that seven new characters will make their debut on the show’s next season, as well as which actors and actresses will be playing them. We rounded up all the need-to-know info about the stars who will bring these new additions to life. While some are finally breaking into the spotlight, others have already been part of major productions and are basically seasoned veterans. Now, all we have to do is wait for the cast to post pics from set and let the FOMO begin!