The 13 Best Celebrity Tattoos in Existence

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Tumblr (demiigifs)

Tumblr (demiigifs)

In honor of the return of America’s Worst Tattoos, we brought you a list of celebrities’ worst tattoos. We included misspelled Italian and wives’ faces and Pooh bears. But because we’re all about balancing out the negative with the positive (when possible), it’s time to talk about all the good tattoos celebrities have put on their bodies.

At first I wondered if there really were enough good celebrity tattoos for an entire post, because I’m generally a little tattoo-shy and celebs make so many bad decisions. And then I thought about it and realized that a lot of celebs have pretty good taste in ink, especially if there’s some kind of meaning behind the designs they choose. Obviously celebrities are free to get whatever they want tattooed onto them, but when there’s some significance to it I tend to like it more. Also if it’s not Winnie the Pooh. (Seriously, Kate Gosselin, what the actual hell?)

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