11 Of Our Most Popular Posts From 2011

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Happy 11/11/11, guys! It’s a big day of basc nothing wishing around the world, and we wanted to celebrate that in our own Teen.com-y way — natch. So to commemorate this special day, we rounded up 11 of our most popular stories from 2011 about your favorite celebrities. Whether it was to praise Bella and Zendaya for their awesome music video, or to debate over Justin and Selena‘s relationship, here are the stories that you cared enough about to comment on…

The Most Popular Jelena Post:
“Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez Are Officially Dunzo!”

The Most Popular Bella & Zendaya Post:
“Bella Thorne and Zendaya’s “Watch Me” Music Video”

The Most Popular Demi Lovato Post:
“Which BFF Sounds Better Singing Live?” 

The Most Popular Charice Post:
The entire 30 Days With Charice series!

The Most Popular New Kid Post:
“10 Things to Know About the Jessie Newbies!”

The Most Popular Cody Simpson Post:
“Bella and Cody Cozy Up On the Red Carpet”

The Most Popular Post About a TVD Star:
“Could Nina Dobrev Have Played Alexandra Chando’s Twin Sis?” 

The Most Popular W-T-Fashion Post:
“Katy Perry’s Reppin’ Smurfette. On Her Dress.”

The Most Popular Post About a Gleek:
“Who Wore the Gray Tee Better?”

The Most Popular Hottie(s) of the Week Post:
“Musicians Turned  Actors”

The Most Popular Post EVER:
“Teen.com’s Justin Bieber Guitar Giveaway!”

What was your favorite post from 2011 (so far)? Did we forget any big ones? Please, do tell!