Stuff We <3: 10 Things We Want Right Now

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So what should you spend your allowance on this week? We found 10 things we don’t think you can live without.

Get flirty with Katy Perry‘s perfume, watch Justin Timberlake be adorable and finally learn how to text on your iPhone while wearing gloves. Plus, so much more!


1. Lioness: Hidden Treasures CD – Amy Winehouse
We all miss Amy so what better way to celebrate her ah-mazing talent than by getting her latest album, which features previously unreleased tracks, updated versions of her old stuff and a few brand new songs. Apparently, it’s the last we’ll hear from her, which is even more of a reason to get it. BUY HERE!

2. Meow! by Katy Perry Eau de Parfum
Kitty Purry Katy Perry just released the follow-up perfume to her first scent, Purr. Meow is fun, flirty and features notes of vanilla and pear. Plus, it comes in the CAYUTEST bottle ever (that’s really the best part of a perfume bottle, right?!). BUY HERE!

3. Friends With Benefits DVD
Need a few laughs this holiday season? Buy this movie. Seriously. It’s hilarious, way better than its Natalie Portman/Ashton Kutcher counterpart No Strings Attached and features cameos by Emma Stone and Andy Samberg. Oh and it stars Justin Timberlake, who is extremely hot extremely talented, even at his old age. Swoon. BUY HERE!

4. Liplicious Color Changing Lip Gloss by Bath & Body Works
Match your lip gloss to your personality with these two fun holiday color-changing glosses. Get spicy with ‘Naughty,’ which has a gold shimmer that turns pink and a citrus scent. ‘Nice’ also turn pink when applied, but has a silver shimmer and tastes like sugar. We think both are equally kissable (and we bet your boyf will agree). BUY HERE!

5. My Wonderful World of Fashion book
Embrace your inner child with this grown-up coloring book for the fashion-obsessed. The book features dozens of designs for you to color and gather inspiration from as well as simple tips to spice up your wardrobe (like dye a t-shirt or turn a napkin into a headscarf). BUY HERE!

6. Side Bow Echo Touch Gloves
OK, talk about genius. These adorable wool gloves are cute as a button, but their real amazingness is on the pointer finger and the thumb. A special fabric is affixed to the glove so you can text ’till your heart’s content while your fingers stay all cozy and warm. BUY HERE!

7. The Help DVD
This is just a darn good movie. Emma Stone freakin’ rocks and if you’re not crying by the end, then there might be something wrong with you. Just sayin’. Also, this is kinda the perfect flick you’ll want to watch while curled up on the couch with mom during the holidays. BUY HERE!

8. Glee: The Music 7 CD/Download
We’re of the belief that Glee makes all most songs better. And even though Ryan Murphy said he was cutting the number of songs this season, we’ve still found plenty of tunes to play all the time. So pick up the show’s latest release, Volume 7, which includes the AMAZING Adele mashup, Blaine’s version of “Last Friday Night” and Finn’s acoustic “Girls Just Want To Have Fun.” BUY HERE!

9. Bow headphones
So the number one thing that drives us CRAZY is when our headphones get all tangled and we have to listen to music, like, one inch from our ear. Anyway, this pretty much solves that problem. Oh and it solves a bad hair day too. Basically, these headphones want to help you #win at life. And, they’re cute and comfy too! BUY HERE!

10. UltraHD 4GB – 1 hr
So ya know how we get a bunch of celebs to tape their daily routine with My Day, My Life? Well, it’s cause they have flipcams and you can have one too. The new Flip UltraHD can shoot up to 1 hour of HD video and then it’s super easy to share on YouTube and Facebook. But the best part? You can completely customize the outside with one of their cool designs or even one of your own photos. BUY HERE!

Which of these items is your fave? Are you going to put any of ’em on your wishlist? What else are you buying nowadays? Don’t forget to share with us!