10 Songs We Love Covered by Other Celebs

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As you may know, we here at love cover songs! While we normally find great songs sung by budding stars and YouTube sensations, we must not forget that some amazing versions come from celebs themselves. We’ve found some awesome songs covered by our fave artists. Katy Perry singing Kanye and Jay-Z, Jessie J belting a Miley song…basically, this list we’ve put together rocks. Read on!

Megan & Liz with Max Schneider Cover “Call Me Maybe”
These three managed to slow down Carly Rae Jepsen’s song just a tad, while still keeping it fun and catchy. We’d like to see more of Max though…he’s just so darn cute!

Katy Perry Covers “Ni**as in Paris”
Katy’s rapping and rockin’ the swag like we’ve never seen before. We’re thinking a Katy, Kanye and Jay-Z collab would be sick!

Bruno Mars Covers “California Gurls”
Bruno turned Katy’s dance song into a sexy soulful ballad, obvs!

Maroon 5 Covers “Mine”
Everything Adam Levine Maroon 5 does is great and their TSwift cover is no exception. It seems like Taylor is loving it just as much as we are…

The Wanted Cover “Iris”
Beautiful, just beautiful! Then again, we didn’t expect anything less from this boy band.

Justin Bieber Covers “Trust Issues”
Only JBiebs could turn a rap song by Drake into an acoustic melody so flawlessly. Swoon.

Jordin Sparks Covers “Skyscraper”
Just another day for Jordin, chillin’ in her room singing a power ballad. This girl has some serious chops! Then again, we already knew that so…

Chris Brown Covers “A Thousand Miles”
Chris threw a curve ball at us with this one. He sings it so slow and emotionally…sounds much different than the original in White Chicks.

Jessie J Covers “Party in the USA”
After Jessie J gets done telling the audience how she’s not wearing underwear (wait, what?) she puts her own British twist on the beloved Miley song.

Demi Lovato Covers “How to Love”
Demi changed the song lyrics to be in first person and totally related it to herself. We absolutely love this version!

Which of these covers is your favorite? Think any of them are better than the original? Are there some you’re just not into?

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