10 Hilarious Jelena Break-Up Tweets

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Ever since news broke that Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez are apparently done for good, people all around the world have been in a state of…processing. They say that laughter is the best medicine, and maybe that’s just what you need, no matter where you fall on the Jelena/Selenator/Belieber spectrum.

OMG you guys, the time machine worked!

Most interesting break-up theory I’ve heard yet. Also, maybe the most true.

Some sassy doubt.

Some diehard shipping. (But seriously, who came up with the term “Jelieber”? Definitely a term that should never ever ever catch on.)

Well, it seems like celebrities end relationships differently than the rest of us…

So when did this become a turf war? Like, should we all break out our Selenator GIFs and Belieber fan vids like we’re warring 1950s gangs? Apparently.

Okay, guys. Canada’s national treasure is now Canada’s national-treasure-with-a-broken-heart. FREAK OUT TIME.

Too soon? (Or maybe, too real?)


But actually.

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