10 Heartbreaking Series Finales We’re Still Not Over

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Tumblr (bethannerodgers)

Tumblr (bethannerodgers)

Over 14 years ago, the series finale of Boy Meets World aired, marking the end of an era. I remember rushing home from school and hopping on the couch with a bowl of Rocky Road ice cream just in time to watch the finale. Boy Meets World was probably the first show that I started watching from the beginning, so when it was over, I didn’t know what to do.

Whether you’re an avid TV fan or not, there’s at least one show you’re really attached to. I unfortunately get too attached to almost every show I watch, even silly ones like One Tree Hill. (You can’t tell me the last few seasons of that were actually good, you guys.) When a series ends, you feel like you lose a group of friends. These series finales broke our hearts into tiny little pieces, not because they ended badly, but because they ended:

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