10 Reasons Why Hiddlesworth Is the Cutest Bromance

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All hail Hiddlesworth! In case you're not up to speed, there are TONS of people out there who have been shipping a whole new "couple," that might surprise you. Fans of Marvel's Thor are loving the off-screen bromance between Chris Hemsworth and Tom Hiddleston, hence the name, "Hiddlesworth."

They might play at-odds brothers on the big screen, but these two have nothing but love for one another IRL. Chris and Tom have been busy promoting the Thor sequel overseas over the last week or so, and there has been no shortage of sweet moments. This got us thinking about all the other cute exchanges at press conferences and adorable PDA at premieres they've had.

So, in honor of Hiddlesworth, we rounded up 10 reasons why their bromance is the cutest of them all. Enjoy them below!

1. First of all, it's totally a mutual bromance.


2. Heck, Chris has NO problem wearing his love for Tom on his sleeve, er, head.


3. They know how to make each other laugh.anigif_enhanced-buzz-8614-1366056267-12

4. They always find an excuse to get close.


5. They take the whole "brothers" thing REALLY seriously.


6. Apparently, we have Chris to thank for the Hiddleston fandom.tumblr_mv278ptlzb1s4juazo1_250

7. They're not threatened by outsiders who try to encroach on their BFF territory (ahem, Natalie Portman…)


8. They have no problem getting a little silly.


9. It's the little things that mean the most to them.


10. And last but not least, with not one, not two, but THREE movies under their belts, they OBVIOUSLY work very well together.

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